January 20, 2011

Thursday Authorial: BUMPY LANDINGS Blog Tour

I have been fortunate in reading some enjoyable books lately in several different genres. I like to mix it up and mood has a lot to do with it. So, what does one read after a psych-thriller?
Something sweet, tropical and fun, sprinkled with cringe-worthy coming-of-age awkwardities and challenges. There I go making up words again.

I recently finished Donald J. Carey's novel, BUMPY LANDINGS. I met Don, after already being Twitter friends, at The Book Academy writers conference back in October and it turned out we attended most of the same classes, AND we were both new authors expecting our first books out soon. I am pleased to be part of Don's blog tour and am happy to review his book.

I immediately felt compassion for Jordan MacDonald, the main character, as he is just trying so hard to be a man, to do the right thing, to follow his heart. But obstacle after big Hawaiian obstacle is clonked in his way. To build up his courage, Jordan tells himself he's changed because of his mission, that he's a man now. And then he goes and does very naive and sweetly sophomoric things. Often with disastrous results. What makes him loveable is his heart is always in the right place, despite his over-bearing, exasperating mother, a rather large bully, and a surprise girlfriend who, after all the making out, has no interest in Jordan's dreams. I wanted Jordan to succeed.

Jordan dreams of flying. And figuring a way to make Kehau, the lovely elusive Hawaiian girl, fall in love, real love, with him. Watching Jordan deal with blow after blow, hitting some hard life lessons, was a pleasure, because I got to see him grow, bit by bit. It was a bonus, to watch him grow in the lush surroundings of the Hawaiian Islands. The author does not leave the reader wanting in scenery, and I was submerged in sights, sounds, and scents. And tastes!

One of the dishes mentioned several times in the story is panipopo. I asked Don for the RECIPE and today I made panipopo. I was in desperate need of Island music. I hummed the Hukilau song. I also took some pictures.
Pouring the coconut pudding over the raised rolls.

Baked to bubbly perfection.

The 12 year old couldn't wait. This was right out of the oven.

I didn't even ask how many the 15 year old ate. They were a hit with everyone!

It was a lovely vacation, Don! Thank you!


Mary Gray said...

Having met Don briefly once before, I'm not surprised he wrote about a sincere, dedicated protagonist. Those rolls look SO yummy. Thanks, Don and Krista!

Shari said...

Mmmm . . . those rolls look good! Thanks for the review. I'm always looking for good new books.

Stephanie Black said...

Don, congrats on your book!

And yummy--I've GOT to try making panipopo!

Krista said...

Except be careful when you announce it. When my youngest got home from school I called out, "Come try the pony-pupu!" That got me a disgusted look. Oops.

Shelli said...

Isn't panipopo delish? Yours looked amazing. Did I tell you we are going to Hawaii? This post made me even more anxious! Wanna come??

Don said...

Thanks for being part of the tour, Krista. I'm glad you enjoyed the book, and the panipopo.

Taffy said...

Love the recipe!
Don's book sounds great. THANKS for the review.

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