The Orchard Trilogy

THE ORCHARD by Krista Lynne Jensen
APRIL 2013 Covenant Communications, Inc.
Whitney Award Finalist

After her mother's sudden death and her father's unexpected estrangement, Alisen Embry finds comfort and purpose working the cherry orchard adjoining her family's Montana home on Flathead Lake. When she meets Derick, a boy with dreams and spirit, she realizes his answers fill the empty spaces in her life. No two souls fit better, and no place could be closer to heaven than the orchard in Summer.
Their connection, however, is threatened by the intolerance and secrets of her father, and just when Alisen thinks she has found everything that could make her happy, she is given choices testing her love, and loyalty.

Derick Whitney is a compulsive returned missionary with his future mapped out, and beautiful Alisen quickly seals her place in those plans, and his heart, with her endless questions and obvious desire for the truth. But when his plans are both realized and ripped apart, he buries the whispers of wisdom and direction in bitterness and blame, leaving heaven, vowing never to return.

One letter brings these two lost spirits to face the choices they have made, and learn that losing themselves may be the only way they find home.

If you love Jane Austen's Persuasion, read The Orchard.

"I love the way you told this great original story, but you retold Persuasion beautifully. You can feel the electricity in your story. Thank you for trusting us (in the writing group) to read it first. I’m glad you are willing to put your heart out on the line, because that is the only way you’ll ever become a published writer. And I have no doubt you will!" -Carla Parsons, November, 2008

"MORE MORE MORE! It could really be a great book and if you get published before me I am going to be SO jealous! Keep going, I can see Covenant publishing this." -Norma Rudolph, October, 2008

"I am still thinking about the characters, and I finished it yesterday! This is incredible. So much more than I expected, and I expected it to be great. You captured Flathead Lake and the surrounding areas beautifully! Makes me want to go back there right now!" -Richelle Larson, November,2008 ... That's my sis.

"I have never read Persuasion, but now you have me wanting to...after I finish your amazing novel!......I am spellbound by it and I have only read the first 22 pages....can't wait to read the rest..." -Debby Anglesey, November, 2008 ... That's my mom.

FALLING FOR YOU, by Krista Lynne Jensen
2013 Covenant Communications, Inc.

Elizabeth Embry has traveled the world, been there, done that, lived a life of glamour, fortune... and fear. When an old colleague offers her a new career opportunity in the sleepy ski town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she feels an excitement she barely understands.
The two-week trial period is anything but the private getaway she hopes for. Elizabeth finds herself booked in the honeymoon suite of a woodland bed and breakfast, where her hosts greet her like family and her protected private life is as read as the complimentary morning newspaper.
But her friend is scheming and the handsome owner is aloof, drawing Elizabeth into a place she never thought she wanted to be. A place she knows she doesn't deserve.
Ryan Brennan is alone, raising his children, running the inn, keeping up walls to protect himself from betraying the promise he made his wife, even five years after her death. He does not welcome Nancy Colette's matchmaking, nor can he get the guarded Elizabeth Embry out of his head. As events keep hurtling Elizabeth in his path, he catches glimpses of who she really is, and finds himself wanting to know more.
As two individuals struggle to find if there is more to living than their past, the people around them conspire to bring these hurt individuals together... to bring them home.

"I have finished The Inn. And I LOVED IT! I really wanted to read it. I needed to know how it all ended. As a whole, the book made me laugh and cry. There was a nice spirit in it too. I really enjoyed it. I am excited to read the next one. Thanks so much for sharing your books with me. " -Becca Sorensen, November, 2009 ... my sister-in-law.

"Kris, I started reading the second novel at about 3 or 4 yesterday and finished it at 2:00 am this morning. I couldn't stop! As your mom, I may be prejudiced, but the girl can write! I love you sweetheart and all that you were, are, and will be...the real you." ... -Debby Anglesey, March, 2009 ... my mom.

The Lake, By Krista Lynne Jensen
(under construction)
Chloe Brennan has a new step-mother, a dance career hanging in the balance, and no mode of transportation. Her place in the world is shifting and she's not sure how to move with it. At sixteen, all she wants is stability, reassurance, and... a car.
During an unwanted trip to visit Flathead Lake and the new family in her life, Chloe meets Justin Michaels and Conner Kozlowski, two annoying boys who would change her timid view of the world and make her part of theirs for the rest of their lives.
Justin is a quiet but charming musician, who has a good idea what he wants out of life, and a great family to support him. His best friend, The Koz, is a lovable knucklehead with a terrible secret he’s only shared with Justin, and now, Chloe. The three friends have no idea how Conner’s secret will affect their futures, but that summer, their friendship is sealed.
Chloe has always been responsible and steady, and a bit of an outsider, but growing up knocks her off-balance. When she is home, she finds herself eager to return to the reassuring calm of the lake and the companionship of her “boys”. But they’re growing up, too, and Chloe finds herself caught in a kind of tug-of-war she had never imagined. When tragedy strikes, her world is sent spinning and only time, faith, and patience will tell if the pain and struggle are worth love and all of its definitions.
Spanning six and a half years, laughter, triumph, and heartbreak, three friends find that struggle is not just how well you maneuver through life, but where your center of gravity is.
It's where you find home.
A sweeping romance surrounding the families you love from the first two books of the Finding Home Trilogy.

"I so love your book! I’m probably going to keep reading on into the night and not get the sleep I need for work. Oh well. I love it, anyway." -Janet Card, April, 2009

"I think this is the best one. I thought at first, 'Why is Krista writing about teenagers?', but then I really loved how the characters grew up. You really grow to love them." -Norma Rudolph, April, 2009

"Your writing just keeps getting better and better! What are you doing to me, girl?" *sniffle sniffle* -Debby Anglesey, April, 2009 ... my mom

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