The medieval world of Faradair is a school and playground for the silk merchant’s daughter. At seventeen, Soleia knows four languages, an ancient martial art, very little embroidery, and nothing at all about boys. But when whispering a word on a strange coin summons mythical creatures and tears her privileged world apart, she questions just how sheltered her life has been. When those she loves are wrenched from her grasp by an unknown power, Soleia must turn to the boy who gave her the coin: Rafe, a reluctant candlemaker's son who seems to know more about her past than she does.
Unaware that they hold the keys to freeing an ancient magic from the tyranny of an immortal enemy, Rafe and Soleia embark on a reckless mission. To save Rafe’s ailing mother, one of the last of the Inheritors, they brave the dangers of the Forgrayken Mountains and the deadly Phasm Gysgodan to find the cure, if it still exists. Little do they know how their homeland is being stirred to war, how a forgotten queen is exacting her revenge on the Children of Golayu, and that their actions are stirring the attention of a dark God. To survive, Rafe and Soleia must accept that old stories hold truth, lives must be changed, and magic runs through blood . . . and silk.

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