April 3, 2013

THE ORCHARD Book Trailer Contest

It's here! The book trailer for THE ORCHARD is here, and just in time. I'm already getting reports of THE ORCHARD being spotted on bookstore shelves! And you know what that means . . .


All you have to do is share this book trailer in as many ways as you desire, as often as you desire. For each share, you get an entry into a drawing for a signed copy of THE ORCHARD and a beautiful cherry red scarf crocheted by me! And that's not all! Second place wins a signed copy of OF GRACE AND CHOCOLATE, which is up for a Whitney Award! Double winning!

Just let me know here in the comments what you did to enter. The contest will be open until Saturday, April 6th at 10pm. So get the word out!

Special thanks to my son, Braeden, for creating another beautiful book trailer for me. XO.

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