April 1, 2012

Book Signing in Tri-Cities Washington

Last night I was happy to be part of Far West Books 30th Anniversary Ladies Night celebration! This is a book store I have visited since my early teens and is located in my hometown of Kennewick, WA. The invitation to do a book signing there on this night made me smile very big.
I arrived 20 minutes early, but the store was already packed! So much so, that I was already set up and signing before the staff even realized I was there. They gave me waves and smiles from their busy counter and we just went with it!
I saw several familiar faces, people from my childhood coming to wish me luck, have me sign their book, take a picture. Some who didn't get the connection until my mom showed up. My sister was great and took a bunch of pictures. I was able to see my future son-in-law's mom, who is a  long-time family friend as well, and it was fun to talk about our kids and the coming wedding. I met a bunch of new people and loved their enthusiasm and willingness to try a new author. My sisters-in-law made me laugh and took more pictures. My mom brought me flowers, even on her birthday. It was a very happy night and I drove back to my sister's house with a smile on my face.
Visiting with my niece and bunk mate, Gracie.
My beautiful sister, Shelli Larson. This girl is one of my biggest blessings. Which is interesting because she's quite petite.
Laughing with my sister-in-law, Jenn Anglesey.
My mom, Debby Anglesey, and my nieces Skylar and Gracie. I finally got to sign my mom's book, and then it left with her friend so she could read it!
Still laughing with my sisters-in-law, Jenn, and Carrie Anglesey. I need a picture of them because they are adorable.
My mom brought me flowers. :)
Gigi Bare, my lovely soon-to-be in-law. Her adorable son is marrying my daughter. We're all pretty happy about it.
"blah blah blah talk talk..."
One of my besties growing up, Mara Floyd Kraus. Love her!
 Thanks so much, Tri-Cities! I hope you love my story!
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