May 18, 2010

Tuesday Edit Crunch: Your MC, Your Hero, Your Target in the Crosshairs

Welcome to this week's Tuesday Edit Crunch.
Sounds like a breakfast cereal made of old typewriter keys.

Tuesday Edit Crunch is an informative, fresh, and important part of this nutritious... blog...

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being followed by @WritingNoDrama on Twitter and so checked out who she was and what she was about. Her Tweets begged me to follow her back. Carolyn McCray holds nothing back and believes in what she is selling. I can take what I need and leave the rest for another day, though I might not tell her that. What is she selling? A simple, sensible writing formula that fits in easily with other Hero's Journey methods. And she's a crack-up. She's the World Government teacher you had in high school who put you in your place while making the other students laugh behind their hands, and you even had to chuckle, because she was right. The cost for her drill-sergeant with a wink approach? For FREEEEEE!

I've been focusing on my hero, my protagonist, in my revisions of THE INN, and so I reviewed some of Carolyn's Tweets on the subject. Yes, I remembered them. Have a look:

WritingNoDrama Your Hero really wishes you'd go easy on him. Your Audience wishes you'd go harder on him. Which begs the question... #whopaysthebills

WritingNoDrama Your Hero must be hesitant about donning his mantle. You, however can be anything but tentative about forcing him to accept it!

WritingNoDrama Don't be afraid to punch someone in the stomach... Sorry, I meant your Hero. Punch him #hard My blog:

WritingNoDrama Your Hero hates his arc, but it is kinda like medicine for a kid. He tries to spit it out, but it's what's going to heal him.  

So you see, what Carolyn has taught me about my hero is that she is reluctant. She doesn't want to be the hero and if she is enjoying being the hero, I am doing it wrong. Now, I have seriously tried to think of a story I could not apply this to and... *crickets* 

As I have this in the back of my mind during revisions, I am finding my hero a much rounder, deeper character, and her direction and drive are much clearer. Cool.

Carolyn also addresses the "Sidekick", "Love Interest", "Magician", "Villain", the "Opportunity", the "Darkest Hour", and the "Climax". When I am in need of direction for those elements of a story, you can bet I will give Carolyn's blog, Writing Without the Drama, a visit. More on that later.

Next week, I'll be sharing what Dan Wells, aka @johncleaver, author of I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER and the newly released sequel, MR. MONSTER, taught me, personally, about Story Structure, and how I am applying it to my revisions. Okay, it was through Youtube, but it seemed like he was right here. Which gives me shivers now that I think about it.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tuesday Edit Crunch. Give your Hero a good pounding. He'll thank you for it! And remember, watch out for the K's. They're especially crunchy, and quick with the roundhouse!

UPDATE: I just heard from my editor. MY EDITOR. Hee hee. I have my own editor. Thank you, Covenant! Thank you, Samantha!


MT said...

I like this Tuesday's edit crunch a whole bunch. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to check out WritingNoDrama. :)

Kimberly said...

Thought-provoking post! I find myself wanting to go pick on my MC now...

Billy Coffey said...

I had to follow both of them after reading this. And congratulations on publication!

Krista said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm sure you'll like what these authors have to say. I'm learning a lot!

prashant said...

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