May 21, 2010

I Like Crossing Things Out

In lieu of Thursday Authorial, and because it's Friday (when did that happen?) I am re-posting my frazzling May to-do list, with the appropriate markings. Just because it makes me feel better to see stuff crossed off.

1) Regional and State track meet for daughter #1. Husband went with her to Casper, her relay team took 3rd. Yay!
2) Piano Recital for Son #1.He performed his piece very well. Yay!
3) Baseball for son #2. This goes through July.
4) Band Concert for son #2.He looked great in his tux and his 2-person trumpet section rocked. Yay!
5) Spring Dance recital and Don Quixote Performance for daughter #2.Very fun, very lovely little dancer.
6) Having to meet with dance teacher to tell her daughter #2 no longer wants to dance. I will cry.
7) Babysitting all week. Baby loves puppy. Puppy doesn't love baby. UPDATE: Puppy+Baby=Trulove4ever; Puppy+Baby+3&4 year-olds I watch today=Chaotic Loud Mayhem
8) Chaperon field trip for son #2. Why, oh why...
9) Son #1 diagnosed with Pectus carinatum. Yeah, that's still happening.
10) Expensive operation to correct above will most likely be billed under "cosmetic". Insurance coverage looks bleak. We're going to Primary Children's for evaluation.
11) I will not allow Pc to turn my son into a quivering mass of adolescent fear and self-doubt.
12) I realize there are worse things, but I would have crumpled into a quivering mass of adolescent fear and self-doubt if I were diagnosed with Pc at the age of 14.
13) Just learned same son, the "gifted" child, lied about a term paper. Because he didn't see the point in doing it. A TERM paper. LIED. To me. To his teacher. To his dad.
14) He meets with the assistant principal today.
15) Have I mentioned his dad is the assistant principal?
16) And his bishop? Yeah, I have a slave for the entire summer, and he is SO unplugged.
17) Daughter #2's baptism and family coming. (I know, it's a wonderful thing!)
18) GARDENING (I love it, but WHEN?)
19) Tackling revisions of THE INN. Almost done. ALMOST. I can TASTE it.
20) Son #2 and husband's birthday. Plan: Daytrip to Yellowstone, awesome picnic. There will be cake. Perhaps a movie when we get back. 

That felt good. Thanks! Next week I'll be on top of things here, with a great Edit Crunch and a new author to interview!


Kate said...

Primary Children's is the best. I hope they can help put you at ease with this tough set of circumstances.

I'd love to have a slave for the summer! The things I (he) could get done around here.

Kimberly said...

My life looks so, so simple suddeenly. So, thanks! And Pectus carinatum can have serious repercussions if not corrected so if the insurance company tries to call it cosmetic then they're jerks. Which, come to think of it, is pretty par for the course, I guess. But still! Fingers crossed for you!

Heather D. said...

If you need a place to stay when you come to Salt Lake, you are all welcome at our house in Pleasant Grove!

prashant said...

I hope they can help
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