May 17, 2010

May... Work It.

1) Regional and State track meet for daughter #1.
2) Piano Recital for Son #1.
3) Baseball for son #2.
4) Band Concert for son #2.
5) Spring Dance recital and Don Quixote Performance for daughter #2.
6) Having to meet with dance teacher to tell her daughter #2 no longer wants to dance. I will cry.
7) Babysitting all week. Baby loves puppy. Puppy doesn't love baby. Jealous much?
8) Chaperon field trip for son #2. Why, oh why...
9) Son #1 diagnosed with Pectus carinatum.
10) Expensive operation to correct above will most likely be billed under "cosmetic". Insurance coverage looks bleak.
11) I will not allow Pc to turn my son into a quivering mass of adolescent fear and self-doubt.
12) I realize there are worse things, but I would have crumpled into a quivering mass of adolescent fear and self-doubt if I were diagnosed with Pc at the age of 14.
13) Just learned same son, the "gifted" child, lied about a term paper. Because he didn't see the point in doing it. A TERM paper. LIED. To me. To his teacher. To his dad.
14) He meets with the assistant principal today.
15) Have I mentioned his dad is the assistant principal?
16) And his bishop?
17) Daughter #2's baptism and family coming. (I know, it's a wonderful thing!)
18) GARDENING (I love it, but WHEN?)
And last but not least...
19) Tackling revisions of THE INN.

I think it's a good month to channel tension into my scenes. Would you agree?

(Umm, I forgot son #2 and husband's birthdays are next week, and our volleyball championship tournament, which we just won tonight. Vented some tension there, I tell you what.)


Daron D. Fraley said...

I am not sure which makes me more dizzy: The picture of the merry-go-round, or your list.

Wishing you a good day!

Kate said...

May is worse than December I think! Good luck with all and especially your son's surgery.

MT said...

Cosmetic? If the insurance co. was a character in your book, you could kill him off.
Baby steps...and lots of praying, right?
Good luck. :)

M. Gray said...

I had to Google Pectus carinatum. I'm sorry for your son! But I'm sure things will work out.

You sound like a great mom. Hang in there. I think you can definitely take this list to create some tension. The reader finds it delicious in fiction. :)

L.T. Elliot said...

That's a crapload of stuff to deal with. Prayin' for you, Krista.

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