May 13, 2010

Thursday Authorial: Inspiring People

I don't mean this is a post on how to inspire people. This is a post on people who inspire. People who feel a desire, an urge, a prompting they can't let go of, and act on it with full heart. With passion.

There's so much discussion about aspiring authors who feel the urge to write something important, but they don't follow it through. Excuses can be valid, I know, but if you feel such a pull, feel you might have what it takes, feel your idea or dream would be something special if you only... Well, why do you feel that way? Is that for nothing? Or is it for something?

These people are some examples to me, to follow my dream with passion.

Jessica McComas at I Am What I Do

I have the blessed fortune to have known this woman since her birth. Jess is my cousin and we share the same shy giggle and dimple. When I hear myself on a home video, sometimes I hear her. It makes me smile.
Several years ago, Jess was touched by the story of babies in China in desperate need of homes. To Jess, they are in need of love, and I think she'd give just about anything to supply it to all of them. Her story is an incredible journey of passion. And it's not over.

Stephanie Nielsen at NieNie Dialogues

I don't know Stephanie personally, but it almost feels that way. Whether you think her decision to stay or go was right or wrong, she has followed her prompting, no holds barred, as much as she is capable, with full purpose of heart, fighting every inch of the day, loving.
And lives are touched many times over because of it.

Shelli Larson at HAPPY GIRL

This lovely would ask why in the world she is on this list. I don't care, I'm the big sister and I'm putting her on here. She's been through a lot of the same crap the rest of us have, and she is one of my biggest inspirations in living this life.
She may or may not mind that I am telling you that at 38 years this week (Happy Birthday, Shell!), my sister is one heckuva tennis player. She played in high school, loved it, but then she got busy with college, marriage, 4 kids, an assortment of animals, jobs, moves, etc... and then about 3 years ago she picked up a racket again, because she remembered how much she loved it. She took a class, and was persuaded to join a team. Now she's in championship games all over the Northwest. She rocks. She's my rock. She's grounded, compassionate, wise, and will cry with you or laugh her cute little butt off. Passion.

So, we worry about priorities and the value of time and effort. But if what you haven't recognized as passion is culminating into one thought, one urgent desire to manifest some semblance of creation by your hands, your power, isn't it worth something to see where it could take you? It might be worth more than you ever imagined. Or maybe you have imagined.

Find your passion. Make it for something.


Kimberly said...

Reading this was almost eerie, as I've been mentally focused on this topic all week. Beautifully expressed, Krista. It's saddening to think of people hiding from their own passions, and saddens me more to think of how long I've hidden from mine. What fearful creatures we humans sometimes are. Thanks for this timely reminder!

Elana Johnson said...

Beautiful tribute. :)

Ann Best said...

Wonderful women (and men) everywhere do quiet, unnoticed acts of service every day, and live their lives with passion. Thank you for this post that helps us realize what we should be doing on planet Earth. I'm looking forward to reading your work.

Krista said...

Thanks, Kim. I'm glad you're not hiding anymore!

Elana, you're beyawesome.

Excellent perspective Ann, thank you.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

That is so sweet! I loved those sweet little tributes you made to women who inspire you. That is one of my biggest goals with my writing: to empower women. We are capable of so much!

prashant said...

Beautiful tribute.
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