January 27, 2012

Home Again...More Proof

It's been an incredible couple of weeks. Along with the launch of Of Grace and Chocolate, the book signings, a couple of interviews, and navigating the freeways of Insanity the Salt Lake valley, I was also swimming the emotional waters of a dear friend's upcoming wedding, the announcement of my own daughter's engagement, and the passing of my husband's grandfather, all while wearing a back-brace as I tried to heal from a back injury I sustained during Christmas break.


I did use the word incredible, which does mean unreal. Unbelievable. But is used so often as a synonym for wonderful, amazing, fantastic. Which it also was.

Me and the soon-to-be Sherrie Willley
Ready or not...
But, my friend's wedding is tomorrow (best wishes, Sherrie!), my daughter is engaged to a kind, smart, incredibly grounded young man who adores her and we have a great start on wedding plans, my husband's grandfather was 99 years old and had lived a very productive life, and his passing brought a lot of family together to celebrate that life.
My nephews and my own two gumballs after the funeral.

And the book signings were fun, full of anxiety and laughter and lots and lots of smiles. I got to see so many friends, my time in Salt Lake was adventurous and rewarding, and the food was wonderful, amazing, fantastic.

Ruth's Diner. Thai Village. Bombay House, anyone? *my mouth just watered*

Marion Jensen, me, and Robison Wells talking shop. And eating butter, apparently...with ketchup...

...at Ruth's Diner up Emigration Canyon.

My signing table at Spanish Fork Seagull Books. A dozen people came in while I was there. I sold 3 books. I'm calling it a success.


Carrie Moeaki and Leah who was half that size last time I saw them!

This happy customer bought FIVE books!

Meet my cousin, Jill Hammond, my main character's namesake, who gave one of those books away in a drawing at her book club where I was a guest author!

But before book club she took me to Bombay House for dinnerI WANT SOME NOW.

After all that, I came home to my family who missed me, and friends who treated me to a hometown book signing here in Cody at The Thistle, my favorite gift and book shop. It was such a great turnout the books at the store sold out in the first hour, and the owner bought my stash from home! There were still a couple of people who have to wait until more books arrive. It was a very welcome "welcome home".
Rochelle Slight, the driving force behind the signing, Cathy Okada, whose last name I used for a character in the book, and Carla Parsons, who made me write fiction. THAAAANK YOOOUUUU.

Friends and their daughters enjoying the store.

My friends Brook and Lisa, yay.

Sweet Arlene and Susan. Arlene got the last store copy.

Rebecca and Afton. See? No more books on the table!

Lette, who is SOOO ready to have that baby.

My lovely host, Carol Bell of The Thistle. We had so much fun!

I'm. So. Tired.

And grateful. And happy. Can we do it again?

Being an author is kind of awesome. And scary. Who knew?


Annette Lyon said...

*Totally* doing it again, right?

I'm so excited that your book is finally out and that you've gotten this kind of tremendous support. Yay!

Rachelle said...

Love the pics! So glad that things went well for you and excited to read your book.

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