January 9, 2012

Find My Book, Win a Prize!

Congratulations to Debbie Montgomery, who found Of Grace and Chocolate on the shelves at Seagull Book in American Fork, Utah! Looks like I'm in good company, too. And we're on sale! :)

I'm clear up here in Wyoming, and I've come to the realization that I need a picture of my book on a book shelf in a store that is selling my book. I'm not even sure if it IS in stores yet, but if you see it, snap a picture and post it to me on Facebook or Twitter, or send it to my contact email address at kristalynnej at yahoo dot com! The first one to send me a picture will win their choice of Of Grace and Chocolate, OR Friends & Foes, by Sarah M. Eden. WHAT COULD BE EASIER?

But you have to find it first!

And don't forget this:



Deborah Montgomery said...

Posted a picture on your fb page. Congrats!!

Krista said...

Thank you! I'm very excited! Let me know which book you'd like as the prize!


Heather B. Moore said...

I was in a bunch of stores last week, should have taken pictures of your book. Oh well, you'll be here soon enough :-)

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