January 16, 2012

Book Launch Pictures: PROOF

It happened! It was fun! I want to do it again!

Before the launch at my friend Sherrie's house. I told her I felt like I was 5 years old and it was the 1st day of kindergarten. I look like it.

Annette Lyon and myself. I am the one laughing. Can you find Annette's book behind us?

We stole an interlude to take a picture. Sarah and I at our book launch! Have some chocolate! Win a prize! Thank you so much, Sarah! It was perfect.
My cousin Katie came. I haven't seen her for... 10-15 years? Holy smack. She was so great to come! This is her daughter Quincy who clearly doesn't know why strange people are trying to get her to smile.

I'm pretty sure I have a picture of me somewhere as a 3 year old looking just like this. Only I'm wearing a purple dress and my hair is longer.

This is Howard Tayler trying to figure out my camera.

These are dear friends from high school, some I haven't seen since I graduated! Thanks for coming, Heather, Debbie (who I thought was her sister, Terri, at first oops, Marci, Me, LeAnn, and Danny!

These are some of the chatty tables. Love chatty tables.

Aubrey Mace, who I met for the first time, Shanda Cottam, Heather Moore, Howard Tayler, and Sheila Staley. So fun to see them all!

Becca Wilhite, who I also met for the first time, and Sheila Staley! Yay!!!
We didn't have much time to take pictures, but I was able to snap these few. And my camera was on the wrong setting. HA! Howard wasn't the only one with camera issues. I was sad I didn't get a picture of others who came: Robison Wells and his wife Erin (YES IT HAPPENED), my cousin Heidi who I haven't seen since college, Jordan McCollum, another first-time meet-in-real-life, TJ Bronley, his wife Mary, and Sarah Simonsen, and Karen Amsden (except I think she took pictures so SEND THEM TO ME KAREN) (please), and Kate Palmer, Stacie Larson, and lots of others and it was fun and happy and kind of a blur and I really liked it. A lot.

These are my next two events here in Utah, so if you wanted to come Saturday but couldn't make it, try one of these! I'll be so happy to see you! Just look at these pics!

January 17, 4:30-6:00 pm 
Spanish Fork Seagull Book
1052 North Main Street 

Spanish Fork, UT 84660
(801) 798-0401

January 19, 5:30-7:00 pm 
Provo University Parkway Seagull Book
2250 N University Pkwy 

Provo, Utah 84604
(801) 377-5265


Melanie Jacobson said...

Hooray for new books and good friends! Congratulations on all of it!

Konstanz Silverbow said...

Congratulations! I'm sorry I missed it. Hopefully I will be able to make it to one of the next signings.

Heather B. Moore said...

I'm glad I could go. Thanks for signing my book :-)

Stephanie Black said...

Congrats on a great launch!

Krista said...

Thank you! It's becoming real...

Mary Gray said...

Aww! You look beautiful and so does your book!!! I'm so glad it went well. I shall be reading your story soon. :)

The Damsel in Dis Dress said...

Looks like it went really well! You look stunning.

Annette Lyon said...

Wish I'd have come later, when all the cool people were there--and wish I'd had a clue the camera went off so I didn't look ready to fall asleep. :P

Big, huge congrats on your book!

Don said...

So, so wish I could have come. It looks like an amazing time! Congratulations again.

Jenny said...

Wish I could have come...but, joined in spirit here at home with your book and some chocolate! So happy for you!!

Wendy Swore said...

That is so cool! Congratulations on your launch!

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