December 30, 2010

Reading Again. You? Thursday Authorial

After so much editing, activities, and the holidays, it has been wonderful to snuggle into the sofa and READ. I've come across a few gems and thought I'd give them a shout out. I'm not done with my "to read" pile at all, and that is just fine with me. I find as I read, the desire to write awakens and develops like yeast in warm sugar water.

Yes, I know it's a bacterial process. I've been baking a lot. The end product is delicious.

Now, for the reviews:

Fantasy, All ages.
The Thorn is a beautiful fantasy story of hope, faith, and miracles set in an earth-like world with two suns and three moons, and an ancient messianic prophesy. The characters drew me in and I wanted to know more. There were a few times when I wished the story to move along and that Jonathan had a bit more to do, but I appreciated Fraley's world-building and practiced my patience. I loved Pekah. These are characters and a land worth cheering for.

Fairytale, YA
This was a delightful read! Everything you could want in an original fairy tale. Adventure, magic, romance, a really quirky bad guy. Well done, Cheri Chesley!

Fantasy Adventure Romance, YA
I really enjoyed the unfolding of this story and the depth of the characters. The science drew me in and I wanted to know more about the mechanics of things and how they affected the main characters. I laughed when I found myself relieved there were no vampires involved. The romance was well written, enough tension and suspense to keep me turning pages and hoping. I can't wait to read The Golden Spiral!

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