December 7, 2010

Just Offstage

After revisions, Grace & Chocolate is out to readers. Again. I've completed the author forms required for submission to my publisher. So, after feedback and the necessary improvements (one hopes they are improvements), I will submit G&C to my editor and then . . . wait. Again.
It is strange to have two books waiting in the wings, approved, anticipating makeup and costume. They know their lines and have the potential to deliver their parts with emotion, timing, and humor.
But it's not their turn yet, and here I send another player in for auditions before the others have been proven. They keep glancing back at me as they watch the performance of other stories, and I have to put my hands up and settle them. Just wait, I whisper. Just wait.


KarenG said...

I like the title Grace and Chocolate! I want to read it just from the title.

Shari said...

Mmmm . . . chocolate. Sounds delicious! Congratulations.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

That's a beautiful painting. Suits the analogy very well. My daughters are dancing in the Nutcracker for three performances this week, so it reminds me of them, too. :) Just wait, darlings, not your turn yet.... They are looking forward to their moment in the spotlight, let me tell you!


Kimberly said...

Oh that waiting...what a squirmy, anxious time that must be!

Grace and Chocolate is sweetly fabulous though, I have little doubt as to how it will be received. =)

Julia King said...

Oh the joy of patience. I've heard it is a virtue. I must not be very virtuous then. Anyway, good luck in the waiting game.

Krista said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!
Julia, I thought my kids taught me patience, but no. It's the writing.

A.L., this is our first year in four that my daughter will not be in the Nutcracker. She decided she was done with dance and has moved on to other things. A little sad, but kind of relieved not to be in that frenzy right now! I love this painting!

Thanks, Kym! It's so great knowing someone else has read it and loves it!

Karen and Shari, I hope they keep that title!

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