January 11, 2010

Music For "Remnant"

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Since I now have Remnant out to a few readers, I'll go ahead and post the "soundtrack" I've been sitting on for a few months. What? A soundtrack for a Book of Mormon-ish novel?
I told you, it happens. Enjoy!

Added 1-15-10: Thanks, David J. West for sharing your BoM playlist. Filter, The Killers, and Lacuna Coil rounded things out; just what I was looking for.


nephite blood spartan heart said...

ARGHHH! I don't have the playlist-will you tell me what the songs are?

Krista said...

1-Fire On The Mountain--Rob Thomas
2-The Wheat (from Gladiator, which I caught the end of last night BTW and I still cried)--Stewart and Bradley James
3-Perfect Stranger--Civil Twilight
4-The Battle of Karak--?
5-The Kiss (Last of the Mohicans)--Trevor JOnes
6-Human--Civil Twilight
7-Savin' Me--Nickelback
8-Now Comes the Night--Rob Thomas
9-Snow in Woods Poem--Dean Evenson/Li Xiangting
10-Avalanche-David Cook
11-Run--Snow Patrol
12-Elk Hunt--Trevor Jones
13-One By One--Hillary Weeks

You can go to Playlist.com and search to listen, without signing up for anything. I wondered if it would show up for some people because the upload was iffy this time. I'll try again.

nephite blood spartan heart said...

I have mostly differnt songs in my head for my Book of Mormon soundtrack but (TO ME) it looks like we do the same type of thing-rock song we like that fits to us, and an excellent soundtrack piece and back and forth again.

I wrote an awful lot of the first drafts of Heroes of the Fallen and Blood of Our Fathers to Last of the Mohicans, LOTR, Gladiator, and give Basil Poledouris's Conan the Brabarian soundtrack a listen, you may like it.

Krista said...

Thanks, David. I'll check it out. I am keeping my ears open for more rock songs to add... it's that hard driving sound that captures the intensity of some scenes.

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