October 1, 2011

Winners Announced and a Sneak Peek

I've drawn the first pair of winners of the Grace and Chocolate Countdown Celebration, thanks to random.org.

Sarah M. Eden's SEEKING PERSEPHONE goes to Afton Grant!

And the Chocolate-Covered Cinnamon Bears go to Michelle Teacress!

Winners, please send me an email at kristalynnej at yahoo dot com!

Thank you to everyone for entering and spreading the word about the release of OF GRACE AND CHOCOLATE! The response was amazing, with 75 entries! You all deserve to win! As a bonus, I'm giving you a sneak peek into the book:

“Have you ever been to Pacific City?”
Jill shook her head. “We would go to Newport, mostly. Once, though, we went to Lincoln City.”
“Well, that makes sense, being from Lebanon. And everyone goes to Lincoln City. Did you like it?”
“Mm-hm. I remember the kites. And the wind.” The breeze brushed her hair as they passed the dark houses and rose over the dune. The beach grass swiped against her jeans. She paused, bending down to pull off her shoes and socks. Laura joined her, and they rolled the hems of their pants while the kids caught up.
Her bare feet sank into the cool of the dune then flipped little puffs of it up as she walked. The sound of the waves grew louder, and her feet hastened to get her to the top.
The night stretched out, black sky meeting black water in motion, the moonlight bouncing off the gentle crests of each low wave running to the shore. Jill took a deep breath as she stood, absorbing it.
Laura sighed. “I never get over it.”
         Neither did Jill. The beach was the one place—the one place—with only happy, peaceful memories. Her mother must have loved it enough. They hadn’t gone often as a family. Maybe that was a factor. “It almost makes it all go away,” she whispered, unsure if she meant the last couple days or her troubled past.

October's prizes will be announced on October 10th, and they are FABULOUS. Please come back and enter again, and tell your friends!

Until then, I'll be posting more news about OF GRACE AND CHOCOLATE, and I'm especially excited to bring you more details about the Christmas anthology I'm part of, A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER.


Michelle Teacress said...

Why do I feel I should burst into song? *It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful for a neighbor...*

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I can't wait to read Grace and Chocolate again!

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