September 28, 2011


The Grace and Chocolate Countdown Celebration is going very well! Your responses have been so encouraging and the word is getting out. THANK YOU!

I just got some REALLY GREAT NEWS! Aaaahhh, I can't stand it! But I'm not going to tell yet. You have to wait. But not long, I promise! Eeeeeee!!!! *spins around in spinny chair*

photo by rickremington. Flickr.

Continue on! And don't forget to go here to enter in the Countdown Celebration.

I am so mean.


Kate said...

So as the page was loading the picture kinda looked like an ultrasound . . . and then the first words I saw were REALLY GREAT NEWS . . . so now I'm laughing. I hope you are, too!

Krista said...

Ha ha ha! Kate, instead of "WHEEEEE!" the title of the post would probably be, "Uuuhhhh . . ." Thanks for the laugh!

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