October 8, 2011

Book Academy and Variant Launch 3...2...1

This week I had the pleasure of driving down to Orem, Utah, for UVU Book Academy AND the book launch of Robison Wells' VARIANT. It's a long drive, and I had it all to myself and a book on CD, and it was worth every hour on the road. Sarah M. Eden, whose book SEEKING PERSEPHONE was last month's giveaway for the Countdown Celebration, started off my morning at UVU with a WOOHOO even before breakfast, when she told me she'd just learned her next book was coming out in January, same month as OF GRACE AND CHOCOLATE, and asked if I was interested in doing a book launch TOGETHER.


You bet your sweet BIPPY.

So look out for that because it's going to be the best double book launch EVER.

Sarah M. Eden points out our infamous keynote speaker, Dan Wells, who managed to pull off a vampire joke despite pre-speech doubts. Well done, Wells. And nice haircut.

Emily Clausen and Julie Bellon, writers and Twitter friends!

It's always so great to see my friend Abel Keogh, author of Dating a Widower, and THE THIRD. He was a tremendous help with revising THE INN (about a woman and a widower), before we ever met!

THE BOOK on my lap, waiting for Robison Well's signature at Kings English bookstore in SLC. This particular copy goes to my son, who has been waiting very (im)patiently.

Look at the pretty colors. Here is part of Marion Jensen's writing group, who were kind enough to let me tag along from Orem to SLC. Thank you Cory Webb, Tresa Ruger, Marion Jensen, Chris Miller, Margot Hovely, and the rest not pictured!

Michele Paige Holmes and Annette Lyon waiting for Rob's opening remarks. Michele's book, CAPTIVE HEART, will be November's giveaway for the Countdown Celebration. Yay!

Howard Taylor is usually more animated than this. @maijasmumblings, a Twitter friend, and Dan Wells are talking about how hungry they are. They must not see the eclairs. But I see Jessica Day George behind Howard. Smile, Howard!

Sarah Eden, who was gracious enough to live in Provo and give me a ride BACK to Orem, and Margot Hovely, who is THIS CLOSE to getting her own book out.

Sarah, Me, Margot, and Marion, who thinks we have cooties.

Just kidding.

Made it to the man himself. Rob declared me to have traveled the farthest. Totally worth it. Really proud of you, Rob. And I'm in the acknowledgments. It's like I wrote the book. *snort*

Finally officially met Jeff Scott Savage. His wife was great to take this picture. Very fun meeting them both! And Shanda Cottam from LDS Womens Book Review is ALWAYS so good for me! You make-a-me smile, lady!
Don't forget! I'm announcing the October giveaways for the Grace and Chocolate Countdown Celebration tomorrow!


Marion Jensen said...

I love the picture of me any my writing group. Everybody is looking at the camera, and I'm staring off into space. I must have been outlining my next book.

Annette Lyon said...

The truth is, Marion is the one with cooties.

It was so great to see you!

(Can I use the photo of me and Michele?) :D

Krista said...

Ha, Marion, I can see it in your eyes. Definitely plotting.

Annette, of course you can use it! it's a really great pic!

Don said...

I am so totally full of envy. Thanks for sharing the pictures, and letting me tag along vicariously!

Stephanie Black said...

What Don said! I would have loved to be at both events! Thanks for posting pictures. One of my daughters was able to attend Rob's book launch (the other was sick--man, what awful timing), so she got a signed book for meeee! Yay!

Mary Gray said...

What a great trip! I've so been looking forward to reading VARIANT. I wish I could've gone to the party, too! :)

I'm so excited for you--planning a launch party with Sarah M. Eden. You ladies will be great!! Thanks for sharing all the pics, Krista. You fit right in with all the writing talent there.

Shanda said...

Great photos, awesome people, good times. It was so good to see you again. Thanks for hanging out with me. And for telling me about the pepper flake. :D

PS- I totally stole that last pic for my blog. You are good for me, too. Thanks for the laughs!

The Damsel in Dis Dress said...

Hey, look at me everywhere. Now everyone will know how I stalk you.

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