April 13, 2010

Tuesday Testimonial: Patience

“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.” -Corazon Aquino

 In lieu of Tuesday Edit Crunch (because until I hear back about my second book I am stumped about what to cover next), I will be sharing Tuesday Testimonial! And, as I have already hinted, this first testimonial will address a subject I have recently declared the possible crown of all submitting authors:


If you look at it long enough it starts to look foreign, doesn't it? Like some french word for an amazingly rich pastry in a paper doily. Mmm... pastry.

Chocolate sauce, anyone?

Am I right, though? It is not enough to "open a vein" and pour ourselves out onto paper (or screen), then take a deep breath and push a creation out for others, and not just any others, but those whose job it is to judge it, and then... wait. And wonder, and clean our desk and go through the motions and make wrong turns and space out during conversations and start to say things like, "Oh, that is Dierdre's favorite song," or, "Galahad went through a very similar experience," and you're referring to your main characters so people look at you funny. Waiting. Cuckoo.
No, it's not enough. My favorite part of the above quote are the words, with resignations. It's the phrase that makes the rest of it, the blazing, serene hope, human. I can do that. I have resignations. But I think my hope is pretty blazing, if not entirely serene (eye twitch).

The manifestation of my blazing, serene hope, is that I am still writing. I am still going back and editing my brains out for stories I have yet to submit and have no idea how they will be received. I am on the lookout for the next story. It is in how I allow a moment to envision my book in my hands, the weight of it, what the cover might look like, how I might avoid the reviews, and how I might not, how the story might touch others. And the next story. And the next.
I told my writing group, "Anyone who wants to learn patience, write a book, and submit it." I'll add to it. 
Anyone who wants to learn of faith, keep writing.

Are you up for the lesson?


M. Gray said...

I used to think I was a patient person...then I had kids...then I wrote a book. Well put, Jensen. I hope they get back to you soon.

The first time I talked about one of my characters as a normal person, my husband gave me the biggest "you're a freak" look he's ever given me. I take it as a compliment, but no, he does not understand. ;)

Elana Johnson said...

So true. Patience is the ever elusive quality I'm still trying to learn. I think writing has helped a little, but mostly it has made me realize how much I was (am) lacking this quality.

Krista said...

M, have the characters made a foray into social get-togethers yet? *shudder*
Elana, I know. Maybe it WOULD be easier of Patience was chocolate covered.

Sheila said...

This is a lesson that I have been continually learning all of my life. I teach 2nd graders as well as being a Mom, so for me patience is a must. I also need extra practice with strengthening my Faith. Writing a book is a wonderful exercise in faith and patience. Wonderful post!!

You have such a beautiful way with words Krista.
Sheila Staley : Book Reviewer

Come visit me at my blog http://whynotbecauseisaidso.blogspot.com/

Lola Sharp said...

Amen. Testify up in here!

If a writing career isn't a test of patience, I don't know what is.

You have a wonderful blog.


L.T. Elliot said...

That picture of hope lit a dark part of me today. So, thank you for that especially.

This is an excellent post, Krista. How often do we need to be reminded of the joy in the journey, in the reward of faith and patience.

Lisa said...

Krista did you take that "hope" picture? That is beautiful. Is it a slow shutter process?

I might have to try that this summer.

Great post!

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