December 11, 2009


James Dashner's Maze Runner has been mentioned so many times in my internet browzing, I had to read it for myself. So, after I bought it for my son for Christmas (I'm pretty sure he doesn't check this blog), and before I hid it to be wrapped, I read it.
I am so excited to give it to him.
If you haven't read the opening scene on Dashner's website, and you want to read an example of how to draw a reader into a story, go now and read it... but then come back here because I have a little more to say.
Underdog heroes,twists and turns, tranport into another reality, second guesses, grappling mental and physical challenges... this is a book that moves.
I loved the hidden potential, the discovery of how strong we might be. And we're not done. Not at all.
I could not embrace one of the main characters introduced later in the book, but I wonder if I am not meant to yet. It is one of the reasons I will be looking for the second book. The other reasons are that I want to see evil overcome, I want to see characters avenged, I want to know how the others were tested.
We shall see!

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