December 22, 2009

Here We go!

A request for 5-10 alternate titles? What? But... but it's called The Orchard. Umm, okay.

I knew this happens. I've read about it. Still, when the request is made of me, I am stunned. Scratching my head, I come up with seven ideas. Still like the original best. At least they ask me.
This is all very interesting. I'll let you know what happens next.

1 comment:

M. Gray said...

Oh, Krista! I hear you completely! I would love to hear those other titles, but I can understand discretion. I'm dying to know what my publisher wants to call my book. I'm on the third title (that's the only title they've known) but have silently been thinking about other names and haven't been able to come up with any others. I've asked what they think of my current title but haven't heard anything back yet. 5-10 huh? Good job getting 7!

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