November 3, 2012

On Submission

Hey, new post! And new look for the blog. I had some new author pics taken. My oldest son went with me for his senior pictures and pulled some genuine smiles from me. He's really great at that. When I get the rest of the proofs I'll post a few and you can help me decide which one will go at the back of my books.

The BIG news is, I finished the revisions on SILK, my YA fantasy, and it is currently on submission! To national agent/editor type people! And even better, I'm really good at waiting now! Kinda.

Also, ALWAYS recheck EVERY page of your manuscript before you send it off. I got so excited I left some notes dangling like dingle-berries after the last "page" of the story. Blah. But, as a couple friends said, the lovely person reading it will already know whether they like it or not before they reach those. Right?


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