August 23, 2011

Just Beta Readers and Stuff Like That...No Biggie

It's happening.

"What's happening?" you ask?

Last year, Annette Lyon described the process of getting published as "Wait wait wait wait wait deadline OH CRAP!"

I have been waiting for that last part for a very long time and with great anticipation.

GRACE & CHOCOLATE has a deadline. I've been working on edits for the last two weeks, a process about which I will blog soon, and just now began sending off the revised copy to beta readers. BETA READERS. Up to this point, I've only BEEN a beta reader. Once. It was awesome (*see Rob Wells' VARIANT).

Now, I get to HAVE beta readers.

I'm very excited. Giddy, in fact.

"What is a beta reader?" you ask? Well, I've found that it can be different for different authors. For me, when I write a first draft, I self-edit 2-3 times, then have my writing group and an online crit-partner read it. These are my alpha readers. I also send it to my mom and she cries. In a good way. I'm pretty sure.

Then, after I get their feedback, I rewrite, revise, fix, switch, add, take-away, and self-edit all over again. Then, I submit. And then, the book is accepted. HA. Actually, that's happened. Three times.

It's pretty awesome.

THEN, my editor is FINALLY given the go ahead to start working on my novel. YAY. She made all kinds of line edits and suggestions for clarity and strength and that was very interesting and stressful yadda yadda, she sent it back to me. I worked with all of her feedback and now, before I send it back to her, I need to know it looks good. No, I need to know it looks AMAZING.

Enter BETA READERS. *claps hands* *throws confetti*

So like I said, it's a little different for every author. I'm just really happy to have reached this point. Just think, any time now, I'll be yelling, "OH CRAP!"

(My mom doesn't like me to use that word.)

I can't wait.


Heather B. Moore said...

It's all a lot of work, but it's all very awesome :-)

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

I never thought of identifying readers as alpha and beta before. I thought beta readers were named after beta fish who rip everything to shreds. AKA critique partners. LOL! But I like your interpretation better, I think. Congratulations on getting the BETA level. :)


Krista said...

Heather, it is so much work! I love it!

Amy, that cracked me up! Yeah, that works, too. Beta Readers. *cue Jaws music*

Thank you!

Mary Gray said...

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon.

Oooh, I like Epsilon. Cool word! Just looked up the Greek alphabet and apparently, that's the fifth letter. This can make me feel better about needing FIVE rounds of readers. Right? Go Krista! I'm sure you'll get great feedback. :)

Lola X said...

Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

Lola x

Krista said...

I think Epsilon would make a great Hero's name, Mary. :)

Thank you, Lola! Glad you stopped by! I checked out your blog. Hilarious!

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Yeah! I'm so happy for you! Wish I was there too! lol Some day. And I'm so sorry I wasn't able to read for you. I'm just at the computer so much, I hate to sit there all day, you know? Good luck, girlfriend!

Don said...

Yeah, it's just like that. I'm so excited for you to finally be hitting this milestone!

Beta readers are worth their weight in chocolate.

(And it's my daughter who scolds me when I say crap...)

Annette Lyon said...

Congratulations! Here's hope you skip the "oh, crap!" stage altogether.

(Apologizes to your mother for such crass language rubbing off on her daughter . . .) :D

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