October 25, 2010

Building Literacy Five Words at a Time

I think this is my favorite award I've received so far. Thank you, Talei Loto at Musings of an Aspiring Scribe! Here are five of my favorite words. Enjoy!
Solitude: This is something I need, something I enjoy, something I appreciate. Especially if a lake and a hammock are involved (a girl can dream).
Exultant: This adjective has to be fought for and earned. I like that.
Elocution: I love how this sounds and rolls off the tongue. A word fitting its definition.
Rigor: A great visual with this one.
Tenacity: This word is taut, unbending, buzzing with current. Me likey.

I'll pass this award onto Alex J. Cavanaugh, who's book CASSASTAR was just released, and J. Scott Savage at Find Your Magic, who's blog is filled with awesome words. Thanks for sharing, boys!

What are some of your favorite words?


J Scott Savage said...

Thanks! I'll put it up tomorrow. And I love the pics. You are one smoking hot author. :)

Krista said...

*blushing grin* Thanks, Jeff.

Kimberly said...

My current favourite word is agog. I don't know why, it just makes me grin.

Krista said...

"I am agog, I am aghast! Is Marius in love at last?"
Good one, Kym!
(And yes, I just broke into song. Sorry.)

ali said...

I *love* this! Exultant. That's a word I don't hear much but is just so amazing and perfect. Great award for you Krista! And congrats to Alex and Jeff, both totally worthy!

L.T. Elliot said...

Oh, ALL good words! Exultant is a richly won word. Mmm. That's better than cookies!

Sara B. Larson said...

Ooh, love those words. What a great award. Congrats!

Ann Best said...

I like your list!

From your previous post, sounds like you've got a lot to do on your accepted books!! But how exciting it must all be.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Krista, thank you very much! I appreciate it.

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