August 27, 2010

Time, Time, Time, See What's Become of Me

So many pots on the fire.

My very good friend Andy, an immigration lawyer in Florida (yeah, he's not busy right now) asked me how I find time to write. How did I write a novel, and then another and...?

Time. I steal it. I manipulate it. I grab it, use it, shake it if my eyes are closing because I've kept promises, appointments, laundry going, kids from killing each other, floors swept, bathrooms clean, the pantry full, meals cooked, the dog walked, friends' books read, phone calls returned, church meetings, obligations, date night with a husband I know I have around here somewhere...

And sometimes time gets away from me and I run to catch up, or scrap it and pick up where I can, apologizing along the way.


I'm fortunate to have all my kids in school full time. I'm very fortunate to be home during the day. It's quiet when school is in, or I'm not babysitting the Wondertwins or J-man. And they have naptime.

My oldest son says I could block out an earthquake if I'm writing. If I'm "in the zone". I'm not sure it's a compliment.

"Mom... MOM. I need a haircut. Mom. Okay, so I accidentally spilled my nachos on the couch and they were covered in salsa... and then this bird flew into the house and landed on my head because it mistook it for a NEST. MOM!"

*type type* "What?"

"I need a haircut."

*type type* "You spilled nachos on your head?"

*deep sigh*

My children have been very patient. Some more than others.

What I've learned is, if you don't dig out the time to write (or fish or run or learn that thing you've always wanted to learn), time WILL GO ON. Every space, every crack will fill; time you think you don't have.

It's funny, though, after you've wrenched it away for yourself? Things just sort of... make room.

Sometimes you do lose sleep. But if I could, right now, I'd choose writing over sleep. If it were possible, I'd write in the quiet all night long.

True story.
Time to put the kids to bed.

And find that man of mine.

Weaving time in a tapestry... won't you stop and remember me...


Annette Lyon said...

Amen! People make time for what is important to them--whatever that is. You FIND time. You MAKE time. You don't wait for it to drop in your lap, because it will never show up.

(That said, it IS easier to find that time now that all the kiddies are in school all day. BUT I still wrote regularly when they were all little!)

Krista said...

Thanks for the comment, Annette! And yes, hooray for school. I LOVE my kids, but are they demanding little gumballs.

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