June 13, 2010

Book Review: Heroes of the Fallen

I've slowed down on the book reviews lately, not because I haven't been reading, but because I usually just post what I think over on my Goodreads page and leave it at that so I can move on to other things. But I finally read my friend, David J. West's book, Heroes of the Fallen, and after this fun interview we did a while back, I had to post my review here on my blog.
Thanks, David!
David J. West weaves an intricate tale full of adventure, color, and intrigue. His fantasy-laced story of an ancient American civilization turns and surprises, brings out the odd chuckle, and has you beating your fist, slapping your forehead, or holding your breath.
I was continually impressed by David's imagination and penchant for detail, using his knowledge of historical fact and artifact and mixing it with his love of epic fantasy.

This is David's first published novel, and I know his story-telling skills will get even better. A fun, thrilling beginning that left me wanting the next book. Now.

In unrelated, but still exciting news, the winners have been drawn for my 50 Followers contest! Congratulations to:

Melissa Nielsen- Maple Syrup gift box
Tamara Heart Reiner- Cherries gift box

I have contacted the winners and I want to thank you all for playing! I think I'll be holding more of these contests as I get the hang of them. Thank you, followers!


David J. West said...

Thanks for the review Krista, I appreciate it.

Kimberly said...

A hearty amen to that review. My feelings exactly!

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