August 19, 2009

Visualize It

Several weeks ago, Carla, Norma, and I decided that we would start thinking like authors. Who cared if we hadn't been published? That didn't mean we wouldn't be. We were investing time, language, thought, research, and imagination to reach that goal, weren't we? So, I read books about publishing, cleared off my desk, put a lamp on it, bought some colored pens and sticky note tabs, organized my novels, and began writing as though it was a done deal, that these stories would be read. And I prayed. It had been nine months since I had heard anything definite from my last submission, The Orchard.
Then, last Thursday, right after I got home from a birthday lunch out with my friend, Jamie, I checked my email.
There was one from Covenant Communications.
They like my book. They listed the reasons, naming my characters. They said it was too long, and I needed to cut about 80 pages, but they love it, and there were exclamation points, which I heard that a writer should be very frugal with. But the Managing Editor used TWO. As in, the manuscript is excellent! and, What a fun story!
So after I stopped jumping up and down and screaming with my daughter, I called my mom and my sister and Carla and my B (actually, I would start jumping up and down again with each phone call), and my B hurried home and we jammed on Rock Band. I pounded out Round and Round, Everlong, and a few more drums on fire songs, and Brandon was just laughing because I ROCKED and I couldn't stop smiling.
Over the last few days I have done a quick revision, and I am now deep into a second, more thorough overhaul. I have learned that I prefer writing the story in the first place, over rewriting it, but I can already see the revisions they suggested will make a stronger, tighter story.
It's just hard to cut characters I know and love, and leave the others wondering what the heck is going on. But not to worry. I will take care of it. I am an author. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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